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Upcoming Activities In Rural Areas

Neccessary repair of walls, windows, washrooms (Vashi Panchkroshi - Devrukh )

School need neccessary repair
School need neccessary repair

Vashi Panchkroshi - Devrukh

We have resolved to make at least one school self sufficient per year with below mentioned facilities:


Most schools, do not have proper sitting arrangements for their students. Children are made to sit on floor. During monsoon the floor is muddy & wet. In winter & summer too, it is equally uncomfortable to sit on floor.


Due to lack of laboratory facilities, several school authorities have to send the students to the nearby district school for a short time just to show them the experiments only with view to appear for the exams. If well equipped laboratory is made available to them in the school itself. It will benefit them to develop their scientific thoughts in the long run.


The students neither have a proper studying environment at home nor do they have a proper library facilities in school village. A library with computer & internet connection would provide them a place to study & enormous books for reference.
In the backward areas books & computer are the only medium through which the students can be connected to the outside world.


Support in form of cycles to children who are required to walk to school daily over 5 Km.
The daily distance from home to school travelled to and fro is from 5 Km. per day to as far as 26 Km. per day in few cases. Where distance exceeds 18 or more children have to travel by auto rickshaw which is well beyond their means. It also impacts their school attendance.
At present we have 291 such students from Palghar District waiting for cycles.


The students in rural areas are experts in outdoor games. However the percentage of students reaching the District and National level competitions is very less due to lack of sports facilities.
We have provided such educational material to four schools in Konkan & Usmanabad Dist. within our capacity. On seeing that the schools are well equipped with the material provided by us & followed improvement, we have received proposals from 15 more schools from same rural area for similar help.
Education & skilled technical hands are backbone of any progress. We feel it is our social responsibility, & doing its bits to help such schools in remote areas.
If India has to emerge as a superpower then it cannot happen unless the “RURAL BHARAT” also made to shine as “INDIA”
In this venture, we are therefore looking forward for your financial support. Your smallest contribution to this unique project can make a difference in the lives which are virtually hostage by circumstances.

Upcoming Activities In Urban Areas

In the ensuing years, we intend to plan our activities to extend more coverage of areas. We are expanding our efforts to Kurla, Bandra East and neighboring slum area and poor students from Siddharth College Churchgate, Chetana’s College, Bandra in Mumbai. They have major share of SC/ST, OBC students.

In last seven years, while working at grass root level, we have realized and experienced certain practical issues, which we would like to share with you.

We are quoting few examples as narrated below:-

  1. Even if computer courses are available at minimum fees of Rs. 300 - 1100, much lesser than the commercial rates which prevails at Rs. 3000 – 5000, still parents of40% - 50% students cannot afford the fees.
  2. Many schools are providing extracurricular activities at free of cost to their students like drawing classes, sports training etc. But, in many cases talented students are not in a position to avail the facilities and cannot reach up to State or National level competition because of inability of their parents to cater them with sports uniform, painting material, required stationery, fees and travelling expenses etc.
  3. Inability to pay fees, project charges, maintenance charges, etc. restrict their opportunities in getting admissions to computer courses, hobby classes, sports or other career oriented courses.
  4. In some cases it happens that the academic results of the students are held up due to non payment of fees and hence they are deprived of from attending the next academic year.
  5. Students from rural areas stay in hostels or with their relatives in towns. They hardly manage their college fees and living expenses in towns.  Due to financial constraints, they miss several educational opportunities of their developments.
  6. We try to give college fees and other educational help to the students whose family annual income is between 40,000 to 1 lac.

Our proposal seeks funds to support these students. We take hard efforts to identify such students, verify their needs, test their sincerity and desire to learn, their passion towards studies and their academic progress and account for all these factors while preparing the proposal.

Our combined initiative and support will make all the difference in the life and future of children who thus far have been deprived of any chances to participate in a fast paced, globalized world.

Expecting from you to be a part of this noble cause.